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Black American Flag

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It has long been understood that flags represent countries and are the pride of those that live there. The American Flag was intended to signify freedom and democracy. As Black Americans, have we been privy to adequately represent the past, present and future, of Black People? History has shown us, that Black Americans have a propensity to create their own identity whether it is through song, dance or behavior. It is asked what other ways can Black Americans represent themselves so openly, Our answer.......The Black American Flag!!!!!!!!

The concept of the Black American Flag was created when the need for proper and current representation emerged ( e.g. the goverment policies and programs etc...) We also recognize the need for positive exposure. Through personal experience we bear witness to the non-existent information of African and/or African-American history in schools. In retrospect, it is understood that there are black individuals who have no knowledge of our history because of this simple fact. Hopefully, The Black American Flag will facilitate a need to know and understand our African heritage, our African-American heritage and our own self.

There are individuals who feel as if they are not treated like American citizens at times, for example: like all American Citizens, Black Americans pay their fair amount of taxes, but are sometimes subjected to stereotypical beliefs and behaviors. On the otherhand, there are those African-American individuals who are adequately satisfied with the American Flag and that's ok, as long as we recognize that every Black person's journey in life is not the same. The Black American Flag is not meant to be a replacement only an addition to the existing American flag.

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Why was the Flag made?

The Black American Flag was created to invoke a sense of pride among Black Americans

What do the colors ( black and white ) represent?

The colors were used to signify the past, present and future of Black Americans. The Black represents two aspects of the Black American...First, it is viewed as the background or backbone of Black People. Our history has taught us that this country was built on the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors (i.e. slaves, indentured servants etc.)

Secondly, it represents the intended unity of Black Americans working towards personal and social change.

The White Star represents the North Star. We must be reminded of the significance of the North Star. We know the North Star was used as a guide for the long journey towards freedom. The white star was used on the flag in remembrance of our ancestors. Presently, we can look at it as somewhat our guide into the future and focus on the bigger picture- self awareness.

If we already have a flag that represents the Blacks in America, why do we need another one?

Although we currently have the Afro-American Flag, we do not have a flag that adequately represents the Black People in America as a whole. We have found that Black Americans were not relating to the flags that were already in existence because of other races and /or countries linked to them.

What do you expect to come out of this?

We expect to bear witness to self-awareness within our race, specifically ourselves, our families and our communities. Positive

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